Do’s and Don’t’s of Sustainable Landscape Design

Homeowners are always looking for low-maintenance ways to care for their yards that not only look incredible but are energy efficient, so the idea of a sustainable landscape design is becoming a growing trend.

Creating a sustainable outdoor space is not only environmentally friendly, but provides a beautiful place for the whole family to enjoy. Here are some important Do’s and Don’t’s to consider before planning your sustainable landscape design.

1. Think about how you will use your space and plan accordingly. Will you need a play area for children or pets? Any future plans for a pool or an outdoor patio for entertaining? Be sure to discuss both long and short-term use for your property.
2. Put together a budget for energy efficient updates and research the numerous financing options available for these upgrades.
3. Consider your lifestyle – do you or your family suffer from allergies or are looking for a low maintenance product – then artificial grass would help you stay green and keep extra green in your pocket.
4. Hire a sustainable landscape design expert. They will help significantly with putting together a strategic plan for proper flow as well as best use of slopes, shade and natural water sources.

1. Don’t skimp on research. Look into everything you’ll need to get exactly what you want.
2. Don’t forget to take into consideration natural elements like shade, slopes, usage, etc. Establish an environmentally sound way to keep your yard lush and vibrant in your sustainable landscape design.
3. Don’t try to recreate something that wouldn’t be natural in the allocated space. This is like trying to fit a square peg in a round hole. It’s always smart to create a beautiful, sustainable yard that looks natural in its element.

Artificial grass for residences has been a trend for a few years because it requires virtually no maintenance and no water, so it works well in areas that see little rain or that are under heavy water restrictions. For enhanced natural appeal, you can also add things like wooden timbers, boulders, and gravel paths to add further dimension. A fire pit or stone patio are wonderful pieces to include in a sustainable landscape design. They provide a place year-round for family and friends to gather and will be easy to maintain for years to come.

Adding an energy efficient turf will not only add curb appeal and enjoyment to your space, but will also likely increase your property value. Make sure to contact a professional to make your vision a reality and reap the benefits of going green!



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Do’s and Don’t’s of Sustainable Landscape Design Homeowners are always looking for low-maintenance ways to care for their yards that not only look incredible but are energy efficient, so the idea of a sustainable landscape design is becoming a growing trend. Creating...
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