Whether you’ve moved to fluorescent lights or started driving a hybrid car or begun taking your reusable bags to the supermarket, it certainly makes a huge difference at cutting down your carbon footprint.

Las Vegas is going green. The city is planning to run municipal buildings, fire stations, parks, streetlights and other facilities exclusively with clean power and city residents are making moves to switch to green living. “We will become the first city of our size in the nation to achieve 100 percent renewable energy for city operations,” Las Vegas Mayor Carolyn Goodman said in a statement after announcing ambitious plans to make Las Vegas powered by 100% renewable energy.

Counted amongst the most planet-conscious people, Nevadans are increasing their green efforts. Known as the most sustainable regions in US, Las Vegas is soon becoming an example of green living for the whole nation. The earth-friendly individuals living here are trying to be more conscious of how much of something they are using, where are they shopping, and what is it they are supporting. And the “going green” initiative is definitely a gravy train in this city of over two million headcount. According to Wallethub report, the U.S. state, Nevada ranks on 20th position in eco friendly states.

While Las Vegas seems to be taking huge strides to conserve energy and water, their efforts remain unseen because of millions’ notion of Las Vegas as a wasteful society, which is a misconception. Perhaps, the city leads the green living path by having convention spaces & hotels that are LEED certified. Moreover, the city is home to millions of energy efficient houses.

While the state is fully dedicated to going green, its largest claim lies in saving a colossal amount of water, thus saving the planet, earth. Nevada has been taking effective steps in water conservation as people there take it as an invaluable commodity and something that’s talked about more in sustainable society.

What’s next?

These ideas only touch on the work being done across Sin City. For its part, Wynn Las Vegas operates one of the city’s most aggressive recycling programs (it diverts about 1,595 tons of waste from landfills annually) and offers paperless checkout. Current initiatives are just the beginning. Creative ideas will continue Vegas’ transformation into one of the country’s more sustainable cities.

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