Green home-addicted but have no idea of how to have one? Or, is renewable energy on your mind?

Well, you are not alone. There are many who want to have a green home in 2016 but don’t know where to start.

Having said that, lets walk you through top 4 green home trends of 2016 that are surprisingly eco-friendly:

1- Smaller homes



Obvious it may sound though but the key to have a green home is to have a small home. This is because the average size of family is falling greatly and having a small home is one of the latest trends to cut down your carbon footprints.

While economy is getting a slow boom, it is compelling people to pursue a cheaper and smaller home. Another great determinant is the big amount of baby boomers seeking to scale down a smaller home that’s convenient to manage.

People are switching to “tiny house movement” to a greater extent under which a person trims down the normal home size of 2600 sq. ft. to a house that’s 100-400 sq. ft.

Apparently, you’ll have to creative utilize space so as to live functionally in a smaller home but the end result is you become energy efficient. While this trend is not recommended for everyone, but it considerably reduces on environmental impact for those who are looking for a green home.

2- Prefer bamboo flooring and cabinets


Celebrated for flooring, this environmental friendly material is dramatically appealing and elegant. Crafted out of renewable energy source, bamboo emerged as a famous option for kitchen and bathroom cabinets.

When planning to add bamboo flooring and cabinets to your green home always pay heed to its quality. While bamboo is appealing and lasting, it is not the strongest product worldwide if you don’t purchase it from a reputed manufacturer.

So, do your homework before buying the materials for home enhancements. It’s preferable to source high quality bamboo materials straight from a sustainable factory.

3- Submit to smart home monitoring


Home automation has taken the world by storm since it is both easy on environment and pocketbook. While a house without smart features uses up energy worth $2000, houses with automation pulls it down to 50%.

This is because the smart home features reduce considerably on used up energy. You’ll never have to worry about lights remaining lit or the air condition running while you are out since with smart automation you can turn them down anywhere, anytime. All you need is a smartphone with internet facility to switch to this green home trend.

4- Conserve Water


It goes without saying but wasted water costs us as well as environment. Perhaps, a lot is being discussed regarding water conservation with drought being a major problem across the globe. Besides, it is one green home trend that is quite easily achievable provided you use the right home features.

From using low-flow toilets, gauged sprinklers, smart water control, water preserving shower heads, composting toilets to smart toilets, everything can be practiced to save this valuable resource and avoid its wastage.

5- Harness the Sun’s Power


The sun is an infinite source of energy, and solar panels allow you to harness that energy for a very low cost and without producing any harmful emissions. Solar energy has been powering calculators for years, but it’s only recently become more common in homes due to a drop in costs of installing a solar energy system. The advancement of technology has made it possible for homeowners to install solar panels on rooftops that are cost effective, and doing so is likely to result in both tax breaks and energy savings.

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